Honoring parents in wedding ceremony – responsibilities of mother as “moh” in wedding ceremony

Weddings are made in heaven. In the wedding ceremony, the role of MOB and MOH are the most responsible part which has to be handled brilliantly. Both positions have different & delegate responsibilities. This is the perfect time for honoring parents during wedding ceremony.

Can your mom be your Maid of Honor (MOH)?

If you think your mom as your close friend, why can’t you hold her on your side for the role of MOH in your wedding? It will be the best & foremost choice in your wedding event. She knows & understands your taste that can fulfill your wedding dream to reality.

Instead of making her eyes fill with tears on the wedding day, the role of MOH makes her hold your bouquet on your side at the time of exchanging the rings makes her proud instead of weeping the eye.

Role of Mother from MOB to MOH

MOB & MOH has to be planned for pre & post wedding plan includes, selection of wedding place, persons of invitees, selection of feast, honeymoon plan, and small functions held before and after marriage.

On MOB, the mother has many wedding etiquette works include to look after wedding ring selection, looking for a marriage license, selection of bouquet for the bride, corsages for mother, grandmother, and bride, selecting the perfect gift for the groom, bride, groomsmen, parents and for special invitees.

In the case of MOH, the mother’s responsibility is totally a different task of the MOB. She has the  responsibilities that must be focused on fashion brand bridesmaid dresses, bachelorette party- event, time and place, agenda of the wedding planner, welcome speech at the reception, a responsibility of inviting the guest and taking care of their entire to and fro program and their schedule.

Include mom in wedding day

Selection of Wedding suits for Bride & Bridesmaid

Include mom in wedding day means, the role of mother’s, in this case is, so responsible, friendly, and more emotional. The most important thing to be noted in MOH is the selection of dress for mother that is the bridesmaid. She must hold 2 responsibilities that are MOH & MOB, the selection of costume must be a stunning, shining, and most elegant model. It must match with the shades of a wedding palette.

Embrace the girl power in the way of selecting the most precious and elegant wedding suit of brides and bridesmaid. Take a walk together & give astonished look for stunning photography. Definitely, this will be the heart touching memory that remembers the event, whenever they look after the wedding ceremony photography.

Honoring parents during the wedding ceremony

Parent’s plays a major role in our life and growth. It is our duty to include parents in the wedding ceremony. It’s time for them to honor on our special wedding day ceremony.

Make a short & sweet note in the program with best recognizing & deceased honoring influenced for our lives. It really makes them feel proud.

This is the best time to convey our love and affection to them. We won’t get a better chance to honor them. Don’t miss this golden opportunity. Just grab the opportunity for honoring parents during the Wedding ceremony.