Everything about junior bridesmaid wedding duties

Who can play the role of junior bridesmaid?

A junior bridesmaid is the youngest girl member of the wedding party.

Role of junior bridesmaid is pretty basic and simple. Their responsibility is to attend the wedding ceremony along with the bride and also for pre-wedding events too.

She plans for a bridal shower, organizes for the bachelorette party and holds with the bride during his dressing and make—up. Both the bride and junior bridesmaid wears the same gown or wedding dress.

Junior bridesmaid walk down the Aisle

The role of junior bridesmaid is a perfect one and also an honorable role among the families in the wedding ceremony.

Her position at the wedding will be down the aisle right before the other bridesmaids. For pair walk to the wedding ceremony, both groomsman and bridesmaid will be paired and junior bridesmaid will be escorted by the groomsman like other girls.

During the ceremony, she stands outside the altar far behind the bride and at the far left. She leaves only at last with pair groomsman or alone.

junior bridesmaid wedding

What are the duties of junior bridesmaid delegates?

The junior bridesmaid has to stand and walk along with the bride holding the flowers during the wedding in an altar. She should be well known to both the bride and her partner who will be more perfect.

Before the dinner, she should attend the pre-wedding ceremonies like the rehearsal dinner and rehearsal ceremony. She should present alongside with the bride until the send-off.

The major junior bridesmaid duty is to wear the dress similar to the bride or bride’s selection dress for the whole wedding ceremony even at rehearsal dinner too. The dress must not need to be exactly the same but it can have some similarities which would be fun.

Responsibilities & roles of junior bridesmaid

Some optional duties are like wedding related works and duties such as engagement party, bachelorette party, receiving line, bridal shower, etc., These are not compulsory but it can be done by the junior bridesmaid too in the big day.

Bride need not include junior bridesmaid in all circumstance but also need not to exclude as well. On behalf of her consideration the bride should make adjustments as well as a favour.

She is can also be as the flower girl which means she carries flowers for the bride by holding them to alter. She is also the advisor and supporter of the bride. Clearing her the way out and making her ready is also bridesmaid duty which must be accomplished.

What age junior bridesmaid must have?

The age of junior bridesmaid must be in the age of 8 to 16 or even accurate. The junior bridesmaid can also be the bride’s sister, a close friend, or niece. A Major point to consider is that she should not be too old.

If the bride has a twin sister of equal age or above or below it doesn’t matter she can be the best bridesmaid but for the junior bridesmaid, she should be younger than the bride.

She should be the one who is acceptable by everyone in the family and also a familiar young girl. Choices can be brought from parents and decision can be made with everyone’s wish or even personal opinion.