Hair up vs hair down on a wedding

It might not seem important for anyone else, but it is the one question that each bride asks about immediately (sometimes before choosing a dress!). It is a significant decision not to take lightly how you wear your hair.

The most important thing, of course, is that you feel relaxed. When you wear the hair in a certain way, if you are trustworthy – rock the hair! But if you are at all in the fence about which type, consider some realistic scenarios on wearing hair up versus hair down on a wedding before you decide.

Use your hair if…

Wind or rain is expected

Wind and humidity will battle any styling product you put on your hair, regardless of how much you use it. On your wedding day the last thing you want to think about is keeping your hair in touch – you should focus on marrying, not how you wear your hair! Remove tension by taking the time of year and location into account and choose accordingly.

Your dress has a high collar

Although your clothing does not have to decide how you wear your hair, if you are on the fence, it is still a good check point. High neckline dresses appear to be more formal, so up-do is the right one. Moreover, an up-do stops any hair from being trapped – a double win!hair wedding

You have a crown or other accessory

Practically any piece of hair will remain in place better in an up-do: in an up-do, the hair does not move around a lot, so the accessory does not move. Your hair stylist will not send you loads of additional pins, but if you need extra security, you will have those on hand.

Use your hair if…

Your marriage is on the sand

Often if you get married on the beach, your wedding atmosphere is casual — and how you wear your hair ought to reflect that! Long waves of beaches are the carefree nature of the festival.

Your dress is fine or without straps

We cannot emphasize this enough, your dress does not have to work out how you wear your hair. But wearing your hair down definitely adds little or no straps or your outfit. Typically worn for summer weddings, thinly stitched clothes have less structure, so your hair should also have less structure.